Itaas ang ani, ibaba ang gastos

Ako’y Magsasakang Organiko is an agri-social enterprise that aims to fight hunger and poverty by decreasing the cost of production and increasing the yield and revenues of farmers, making food safe and affordable.

Kelp and Neem Based

Increases Brix Level

Environment Friendly

FPA Certified

AMO Plant Growth Enhancer

The AMO Plant Growth Enhancer is made from Kelp and Neem. It is safe and has no chemical residue on plants.

AMO Plant Growth Enhancer will increase your yield by 30% to 100% and decrease your cost of production by 50%.

What are the benefits of using AMO?

  • Increases the Brix Level of plants

  • Faster growth, fruit bearing and flowering of plants

  • Healthier and heavier yield

  • Repels insects, rats, and snails; acting as an antifeedant

  • Longer post-harvest shelf life

Farmer's Claims: All-in-one Properties

  • Foliar Fertilizer

  • Insect Repellant

  • Antifeedant

  • Soil Conditioner

  • Growth Enhancer

  • Bio-Fungicide

  • Bio-Bactericide

  • Snail and Rat Repellant

  • Chelation Agent

Our Advocacy

Itaas ang ani, ibaba ang gastos.

AMO travels far and wide to enable and empower farmers through better returns for their crops.

Our Certifications

AMO is certified by the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA) and supported by the Department of Agriculture (DA), and the National Tobacco Administration (NTA).

"AMO Foliar Fertilizer has better effect than the ones recommended by tobacco companies that are available in the market."

Potenciano ApiladoTobacco Production and Regulation Officer II

"AMO Plant Growth Enhancer having an insect repellent property, can contribute in the reduction of volume of chemical insecticide used in the control of harmful insects in tobacco. With this reduction, the farmer can gain more income in Burley tobacco production due to lower cost of production."

Engr. Warlie V. OribelloNTA, Senior TPRO

"An increase in the number of exportable boxes in bananas was computed when AMO was used. There was a gain of nearly half a million pesos."

Sergia P. Milagrosa, PhDFPA, Accredited Researcher

"There is an increase of 55% (rice) using KELP PGR (AMO Plant Growth Enhancer) compared to farmer’s recommended rate of granular fertilizers alone."

Field Testing of Plant Growth Enhancers on the Growth and Yield Performance of RiceDepartment of Agriculture - Regional Field Office No. 1

AMO Plant Growth Enhancer